… walking would do


Test Post!

psst … it’s half term

& this is significant because Claudia is at school!

More soon :D

Things that today seem

like good achievements:

  1. Nellie went to nursery really happily & on time
  2. I sorted out & tidied all the puzzles & pattern sets
  3. I hung washing out
  4. Rufus slept
  5. Claudia read The Subtle Knife
  6. she broke the 3000 word barrier in her book
  7. Jasper did maths
  8. Claudia did maths
  9. Jasper did a poo in the right place
  10. Jasper did reading eggs including end of map 8 quiz & some comprehension
  11. he did 15 minutes of OT (fine motor) & lots of gross motor
  12. we talked, pleasantly, to one another.
And then we had lunch.

Silent Sunday 10th June 2012


We went away.

There was the usual bitter=sweet awareness that though there is joy in how things are life is still not the way it should be.

Our constraints seem unfairly huge.

I want to get over it.

Small hot child

But good for spinning!

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What’s working

Claudia – turned down a school place …. yay! :D She’s finished up the year’s science & history already so we’re just focussing on maths & English for a while. She’s still doing her own learning – reading, history, science, drawing (manga), play writing, geography & French. She’s getting scarily good at swimming though practising less due to other commitments.  She’s in a play at Progress – What’s Wrong With Angry? – & is delighting in shocking people with the subject matter. Immersing herself in all things  Tudor. Still going to Thatcham one day a week :) SAFMEDS for times tables.

Jasper – wowing everyone atm. Starting to swim, excelled in  his TALC assessment, fighting far less with Nellie :) spending more time outside (trampoline). Sleep is bad atm though :( Reading – coming in fits & starts as is the Jasper Way. We’ve started using numicon to cement basic concepts. Basic Skills Checklist is useful as is Language for Learning, ipad apps – sentence builder & question builder. Calendar is brilliant :)

The world here.

Weather is finally beautiful , sickness is finally finished (fx) we’re hoping for a good week.

I’m dong a lot of sewing, which will settle down after the weekend. Claudia is spending an awful lot of time at theatre. Nell has missed lots of nursery (& his happier for it :( ).  Rufus is crawling & crushing & babbling lots. Jasper is learning (did very well in most recent SALT) & talking & bouncing …lots!

There’s lots to write about.

This week, we’re stuck at home with no car on Monday & Tuesday but will hopefully fit in swimming, Beale Park, HE group & library. We’re away this weekend.

I must blog more, with words ;)

Silent Sunday 27th May 2012


I haven’t been doing much knitting for the last month or so. My hands, wrists & shoulders started aching, having btdt with RSI I decided to start sewing instead ;)

I *had* to finish Jasper’s diplocaulus though.

The reaction was worth it. I can confidently say that I have the happiest five year old boy IN THE WORLD ;

Pattern from here – 3.75mm dpns/Rowan All Seasons Cotton.