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& this is significant because Claudia is at school! More soon

like good achievements: Nellie went to nursery really happily & on time I sorted out & tidied all the puzzles & pattern sets I hung washing out Rufus slept Claudia read The Subtle Knife she broke the 3000 word barrier in her book Jasper did maths Claudia did maths Jasper did a poo in the [...]

We went away. There was the usual bitter=sweet awareness that though there is joy in how things are life is still not the way it should be. Our constraints seem unfairly huge. I want to get over it.

But good for spinning! flickr pictures

Claudia – turned down a school place …. yay! She’s finished up the year’s science & history already so we’re just focussing on maths & English for a while. She’s still doing her own learning – reading, history, science, drawing (manga), play writing, geography & French. She’s getting scarily good at swimming though practising less [...]

Weather is finally beautiful , sickness is finally finished (fx) we’re hoping for a good week. I’m dong a lot of sewing, which will settle down after the weekend. Claudia is spending an awful lot of time at theatre. Nell has missed lots of nursery (& his happier for it ). ┬áRufus is crawling & [...]


I haven’t been doing much knitting for the last month or so. My hands, wrists & shoulders started aching, having btdt with RSI I decided to start sewing instead I *had* to finish Jasper’s diplocaulus though. The reaction was worth it. I can confidently say that I have the happiest five year old boy IN [...]