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like good achievements: Nellie went to nursery really happily & on time I sorted out & tidied all the puzzles & pattern sets I hung washing out Rufus slept Claudia read The Subtle Knife she broke the 3000 word barrier in her book Jasper did maths Claudia did maths Jasper did a poo in the [...]

Claudia – turned down a school place …. yay! She’s finished up the year’s science & history already so we’re just focussing on maths & English for a while. She’s still doing her own learning – reading, history, science, drawing (manga), play writing, geography & French. She’s getting scarily good at swimming though practising less [...]


I haven’t been doing much knitting for the last month or so. My hands, wrists & shoulders started aching, having btdt with RSI I decided to start sewing instead I *had* to finish Jasper’s diplocaulus though. The reaction was worth it. I can confidently say that I have the happiest five year old boy IN [...]

I attended an ABA & SALT training day on Saturday – I’m going to make no pretence that I’m going to blog about it but I do have a plan or two: assessments – TALC & Basic Skills Checklist Language interventions – interactive diaries & Language for Learning Precision teaching – SAFMEDS for names, pronouns, [...]

Quick as can be: Nell stop – she spent most of the day helping herself to food & changing her clothes. Jasper & Nell watched Nemo (it’s all about the fish atm) in bed together while I fed Rufus his porridge. Mum arrived back with Claudia & the children showed off their ‘stuff ‘ while [...]

There was no early morning Nell tantrum! The first I heard from her this morning was ‘Daddy I’d like to do the dinosaur puzzles. If you sit next to me we can do it together.’ She was still in a delightful mood when she & Simon left for nursery. Jasper & I had our usual [...]

Spontaneous similes we’ve had two in the last day: this water bottle is as flat as a chocolate pancake! he (Rufus) is crawling like a caterpillar!* (* he does!) I’m finally feeling better I think, by the end of the day I had a semi normal level of energy (though I’m not sure how much [...]