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But good for spinning! flickr pictures

then & now She came out screaming & not changed much since …. our darling girl is three! Constantly amazing & surprising & hilarious. She had *two* parties with ribbons, bows, balloons & cake … oh & lots of presents

Quick as can be: Nell stop – she spent most of the day helping herself to food & changing her clothes. Jasper & Nell watched Nemo (it’s all about the fish atm) in bed together while I fed Rufus his porridge. Mum arrived back with Claudia & the children showed off their ‘stuff ‘ while [...]

There was no early morning Nell tantrum! The first I heard from her this morning was ‘Daddy I’d like to do the dinosaur puzzles. If you sit next to me we can do it together.’ She was still in a delightful mood when she & Simon left for nursery. Jasper & I had our usual [...]

Spontaneous similes we’ve had two in the last day: this water bottle is as flat as a chocolate pancake! he (Rufus) is crawling like a caterpillar!* (* he does!) I’m finally feeling better I think, by the end of the day I had a semi normal level of energy (though I’m not sure how much [...]

< Too early again; Claudia woke everyone up with a dash to the bathroom (not-giardia). It wasn’t a brilliant start. Simon’s train was cancelled. Jasper wanted to do Reading Eggs which of course meant that Nell placed herself in front of the computer screen. I managed to chill her out with drawing, a Graze box [...]

Giardia was probably a false alarm  I started feeling better at about 5am this morning, not the most productive weekend I’ve had. Jasper was reluctant to go down for Kitty’s session, he couldn’t be coaxed into eating breakfast or getting dressed – he mainly wanted to cuddle with me in bed. Eventually he sat down [...]