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We went away. There was the usual bitter=sweet awareness that though there is joy in how things are life is still not the way it should be. Our constraints seem unfairly huge. I want to get over it.

Weather is finally beautiful , sickness is finally finished (fx) we’re hoping for a good week. I’m dong a lot of sewing, which will settle down after the weekend. Claudia is spending an awful lot of time at theatre. Nell has missed lots of nursery (& his happier for it ). ¬†Rufus is crawling & [...]

I declared a break week, we all needed it. Both Jasper & Claudia need consolidation time. Jasper had Kitty sessions on Monday & Tuesday; Claudia went swimming; Nell stayed for dinner at nursery (& loved it!) & Rufus holds his arms out to be lifted, has a new tooth & will stand holding onto the [...]

Claudia had Thatcham group, swimming (new personal best of 25 seconds ), diving & theatre. She missed GB as she was feeling too tired. Ernest & Buttercup came around to play with C & J on Friday afternoon, which was lovely. Work this week – spelling, English (pretty much finished her set reading – Tamar, [...]

No time for thinking. There’s much I haven’t blogged – Christmas Camp, Christmas, decorating, Centre Parcs, numerous craft projects, Family Fund grant, I read some books, continuing discussions with the LA, car crisis, training a new paediatrician, ongoing dishwasher issues, Claudia’s new HE group, good friends, my first pair of knitted socks (me sized), Nellie’s [...]

Mum’s birthday. I knitted a dog & bought her a lovely veggie cookery book (Iwantplease) for when she gets her new kitchen. And we made cake. Yum.

It has been Claudia’s 11+ week – she worked incredibly hard and got her marks up from the 60%s to consistently 85-95%. Unfortunately nerves got the better of her & she thinks she didn’t do as well as she could’ve done. That’s not a good feeling she’s disappointed & suffering from the anti climax of [...]

Friday -¬†Simon took Jasper swimming after nursery, he can kind of self propel around the pool now They met Claudia there after her diving lesson. She came home with plans for Kendrick – two of the girls in her diving class are there. This 11+ stuff is a major stress – for VR she’s getting [...]