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We went away. There was the usual bitter=sweet awareness that though there is joy in how things are life is still not the way it should be. Our constraints seem unfairly huge. I want to get over it.

I declared a break week, we all needed it. Both Jasper & Claudia need consolidation time. Jasper had Kitty sessions on Monday & Tuesday; Claudia went swimming; Nell stayed for dinner at nursery (& loved it!) & Rufus holds his arms out to be lifted, has a new tooth & will stand holding onto the [...]

Claudia had Thatcham group, swimming (new personal best of 25 seconds ), diving & theatre. She missed GB as she was feeling too tired. Ernest & Buttercup came around to play with C & J on Friday afternoon, which was lovely. Work this week – spelling, English (pretty much finished her set reading – Tamar, [...]

No time for thinking. There’s much I haven’t blogged – Christmas Camp, Christmas, decorating, Centre Parcs, numerous craft projects, Family Fund grant, I read some books, continuing discussions with the LA, car crisis, training a new paediatrician, ongoing dishwasher issues, Claudia’s new HE group, good friends, my first pair of knitted socks (me sized), Nellie’s [...]

It has been Claudia’s 11+ week – she worked incredibly hard and got her marks up from the 60%s to consistently 85-95%. Unfortunately nerves got the better of her & she thinks she didn’t do as well as she could’ve done. That’s not a good feeling she’s disappointed & suffering from the anti climax of [...]

The last couple of weeks have been National Schools Film Week – we went to three films, Kung Fu Panda 2, Animals United* (the environmentalist message was lost of Jasper who was far more impressed with the guns & bombs) & Voyage of the Dawn Treader (which Claudia & I really enjoyed – Nell & [...]

My boy is five, his birth day still counts as the best day ever! (first picture is 6 weeks & 6 days, less than a cm long with a lovely yolk sac still present ) We decorated, wrapped & baked. He loved it & got it totally (please one day can I stopped mentally checking [...]

Claudia’s still in revisions mode – spelling, maths, VR & NVR – it’s dull tbh & I’m looking forward to having it over & done with, she’s doing okay though. Friday – Claudia worked in the morning then met Ernest & Buttercup at the pool for a swim & dive practice; she went back with [...]