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But good for spinning! flickr pictures


I haven’t been doing much knitting for the last month or so. My hands, wrists & shoulders started aching, having btdt with RSI I decided to start sewing instead I *had* to finish Jasper’s diplocaulus though. The reaction was worth it. I can confidently say that I have the happiest five year old boy IN [...]

Rufus: shift x3 petticote cote/gown jacket biggin hat Nellie: shift x3 petticote kirtle sleeves apron, full covering apron biggin hat jacket Jasper: shirts x3 breeches x2 pourpoint doublet coat biggin hat Claudia: shift x3 petticote kirtle sleeves apron x2 jacket coif hat partlet me: shift x3 petticote kirtle sleeves apron x2 partlet jacket coif hat [...]

For A … it’s a doorstop ffs!

offcuts from the willbeasittingroomblind blanket. I’m no good at making big things. I like my blackbird though.

Sitting room mirror: Ancient & uninspiring Ikea mirror, I’ve sanded it but it needs painting & something. Front window blind: We’re sleeping in their now & need something more able to keep draught, light & noise out. I have a wool mix army blanket which I have plans for. This picture: I started it while [...]

Rufe’s play mat. It certainly doesn’t qualify as a quilt or even patchwork but it’s cheerful & soft & will hopefully prevent so many head-floor bumps. I started this months & months ago. The patches are red cotton gingham from somewhere, denim from a skirt, Jane Churchill Cheeky Monkeys which I saved from when we [...]

From here using an old jumper of Claudia’s. I had to scrimp on the seam allowances as there was barely enough fabric but the ribbing meant no seaming the legs They’re lovely & quick & I want to make more! eta: & so I did! Jumpers were £3:50 in the Primark sale.