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I haven’t been doing much knitting for the last month or so. My hands, wrists & shoulders started aching, having btdt with RSI I decided to start sewing instead I *had* to finish Jasper’s diplocaulus though. The reaction was worth it. I can confidently say that I have the happiest five year old boy IN [...]

Baby is best of course … the delicious Benedict. Puerperium cardigan in Louisa Harding Ianthe. I had a hard time deciding on the yarn but in the end decided a wool/cotton blend would be easy to care for but soft & snuggly (realising that I may be the only person who loves hand washing baby [...]

No time for thinking. There’s much I haven’t blogged – Christmas Camp, Christmas, decorating, Centre Parcs, numerous craft projects, Family Fund grant, I read some books, continuing discussions with the LA, car crisis, training a new paediatrician, ongoing dishwasher issues, Claudia’s new HE group, good friends, my first pair of knitted socks (me sized), Nellie’s [...]

Bella’s Mittens, Bandana Cowl¬†& Ripley by Ysolda Teague. All in Cascade Eco+ … far less than the full skein for all three. It isn’t quite cold enough in the house to needs hats & gloves but it’s getting there.

I’m avoiding posting anything of substance since there is lots going on in my head (mainly, as usual, Jasper related) & I can’t quite get it into words; ¬†instead, some knitting! I brought Rufus a rather lovely, though extravagant, coat last week (did I mention that ). Claudia & Jasper’s doesn’t fit since they were [...]

squeee ….. 99% of the time I knit from my yarn mountain stash but I’ve just ordered one skein of cascade eco+ (in silvery blue) to knit this. Am ridiculously excited

Using up the rest of the 2ply … Abby cowl. Nice fairly mindless lace pattern I’m not up to anything more complex atm! I need to replace my needles – 4mm Addi Turbo lace – the cable is so kinked they are unusable now

Jasper has been waiting for this for a long time … his ‘knitting needle Elasmosaurus’

Oh how I hope he’s willing to wear it! Jasper hates being hot & doesn’t feel the cold he’ll be in a t-shirt only for a while longer but there’s a chance he could be coaxed into it. From here. In Rowan All Seasons Cotton, which is one of only two yarns he can tolerate [...]