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We went away. There was the usual bitter=sweet awareness that though there is joy in how things are life is still not the way it should be. Our constraints seem unfairly huge. I want to get over it.

No time for thinking. There’s much I haven’t blogged – Christmas Camp, Christmas, decorating, Centre Parcs, numerous craft projects, Family Fund grant, I read some books, continuing discussions with the LA, car crisis, training a new paediatrician, ongoing dishwasher issues, Claudia’s new HE group, good friends, my first pair of knitted socks (me sized), Nellie’s [...]

Mum gave me this for Christmas. The ideal gift given that I love knitting small, fiddly things that serve no real function So, here we have Godzilla The Schnauzer & Fluff The Space Dog from Mars. I should blog Christmas & stuff at some point.

So today is Jasper’s very last day at nursery. I don’t think he cares that much, but I’ll miss it & L his TA will really miss him. They have a Christmas party today … Nell was very excited about it – party dress & friends – Jasper was okay as long as he could [...]

After manic sewing all day on Sunday we ended up with a costume each Based on these. Claudia made some fabulous spooky bunting Jasper wanted to wear his costume & I managed to get one blurry snap of him before he got upset & decided that he was “doing it wrong”. Not sure where that [...]

A Checkout Girl tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. I’ve made a couple of these as gifts. This one reminds me of the chateau & sunflower fields in Gimat, where my brother & sister in law got married.

Sat/Sunday – while Claudia went swimming Nellie & Jasper played with each other (naked of course ). We dropped Claudia to the library while finally got around to picking up Rufus’ Imprints, we have a full set now:) Then we decorated (which meant two very, very late nights), Nell & Jasper helped (naked of course). [...]