Claudia – turned down a school place …. yay! :D She’s finished up the year’s science & history already so we’re just focussing on maths & English for a while. She’s still doing her own learning – reading, history, science, drawing (manga), play writing, geography & French. She’s getting scarily good at swimming though practising less due to other commitments.  She’s in a play at Progress – What’s Wrong With Angry? – & is delighting in shocking people with the subject matter. Immersing herself in all things  Tudor. Still going to Thatcham one day a week :) SAFMEDS for times tables.

Jasper – wowing everyone atm. Starting to swim, excelled in  his TALC assessment, fighting far less with Nellie :) spending more time outside (trampoline). Sleep is bad atm though :( Reading – coming in fits & starts as is the Jasper Way. We’ve started using numicon to cement basic concepts. Basic Skills Checklist is useful as is Language for Learning, ipad apps – sentence builder & question builder. Calendar is brilliant :)